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Angel's life has improved greatly since starting acupuncture. She is back playing with her toys and able to go on walks again! She looks forward to her treatments and loves Leeann and her team. We are glad we decided to give acupuncture a try as it has given Angel a happier and healthier life. —Angel's Parents

Shorty has been doing so much better since his acupuncture sessions with Dr. Toolan. When he first started, he was in a lot of pain (his loud yelps proved that) but he now has improved to the point that it's hard to believe he ever had a problem. But x-rays don't lie and 3 bad disks are no joke. Now I have to make sure Shorty doesn't overdo it on the stairway because he acts like a pup (and he was 6 years old in February). This is as close to a miracle as I've ever seen. I now am a firm believer in the benefits of acupuncture. Thank you Dr Toolan. —Shorty's Parents

Dr Fiona Reeve is one of the most dedicated, skilled veterinarians-she saved two of my animals in emergency situations and obviously truly cares! Can't recommend her more!!! —Aussome Dawgs — 5 star

I highly recommend Suncook River Veterinary Clinic...Dr. Fiona Reeve and her staff truly do care about animals...and treat each and every one as if it were their own. I had previously used another Vet in Concord for years for pets and had to make a change after seeing how the animals were treated as "just animals" and not as sensitive to the animals needs. I am so impressed with Dr. Reeve and her staff...my cat even notices a difference, not as stressed when in their care! I have seen them get on the floor with the animals to make them more comfortable and at ease...makes a world of difference! I trust them 100%!!! —Susan Burpee — 5 star

It is a drive for us from Rochester, but soooo worth it!! We have a very difficult Chihuahua, and they are THE best! Patient, understanding, kind. Professionals for sure!!! SO very glad we found them when we returned to NH. We have never been happier with our vet care!!! —Deborah Whitehead — 5 star

Come and listen to a story of a dog named Brody, a hyper active rescue English Setter. We were introduced to Brody 7 years ago at a kennel in Richmond, NH. He had 4 homes in 23 months when we met and came with a boatload of behavior problems. We hired a trainer and he proved to be the challenge of a lifetime. Brody and I walked almost 30 miles per week to try and meet his exercise needs. Discussions were had with our Vet regarding medications and he felt this would create new problems (the last thing we needed). Our Vet had heard of Dr. Toolan and suggested we speak to her regarding acupuncture as a calming tool. So my wife Gayle began the dialogue with Dr. Toolan and Brody began his sessions. The results were, and are amazing. Not only with the acupuncture, but also Dr. Toolan's knowledge of Chinese remedies, Brody is a much calmer being. Dr. Toolan noticed his hot head and prescribed an herb that would get the "fire out of his brain." What remarkable results. Brody is much happier and calmer now. Still has his quirks, but he certainly does not suffer within like he did. Thank you Dr. Toolan!!!! —J. & G. Stevenson

Always a pleasure to bring my kittens to be taken care of by Dr. Reeves and her Staff. I drive over an for each trip because I am so confident that they are getting the best in care. I want to take this time to thank you all! :) —Nancy Linscott — 5 star

We started treating my dog Onyx's arthritis issues with acupuncture in July of 2012. She was 12 years old at the time and had been exhibiting signs of tenderness along her spine and was reluctant to go up or down stairs and flat out refused to come for walks with us. Our first appointment with Dr. Toolan was so interesting! Onyx was so relaxed that she almost fell asleep during the treatment. She was very tired for the rest of the day and seemed stiff and sore the next day, but the following day, she was the first dog off the porch and ready for a walk! It has been two years now and Onyx who is approaching 14 years old, is doing great! She so looks forward to her visits with Dr. Toolan! She knows that she will feel much better after her acupuncture treatment. Her visits fluctuate between 6 and 8 weeks apart, as she will let me know when she is ready for another visit. We can't be more appreciative of Dr. Toolan and her help to keep our senior girl active and healthy. —J. Miller

A big thank you to the Suncook River Vet for their help with the little stray kitty that has adopted us as her new family! Dr. Reeve and her staff was soooo very helpful as she needed the works! They are always very upfront with costs, which is much appreciated for those of us who are very budget conscious as well as making sure we have all the options to ensure our animals have the best care. Very impressed! —Jennifer Massey — 5 star

Gracie is a 14 and a half year old Britney. As the result of acquiring the disease known as immune mediated poly arthritis, she has severe arthritic pain. Prior to the acupuncture treatments, provided by Dr. Toolan, she was nearly totally immobile. She is now capable to get around as she pleases, go for short walks and is very happy. I highly recommend Dr. Toolan. I have used other acupuncturist with good, but less favorable results. —D. Desmarais

This is the most caring and loving vet office I've ever brought my pets to. You will never feel taken, just taken care of. —Barbara Witham — 5 star

Dr. Toolan is always so kind and compassionate to Charlotte, my 9+ year old dog. She talks to her, gives her kisses and takes the time to learn what is going on. Charlotte always feels comfortable with Dr. Toolan and is excited to jump out of the car when she sees where we are. The combination of acupuncture and herbs have made a world of a difference. I have my running partner back. —K. Ketschek

I was very sad to move away from my previous vet and apprehensive about finding a new vet. I am so impressed! Not only was the price amazing, but more importantly the staff is so friendly and so personable. Very tolerant of a vet-shy weimaraner. Willow says thank you, I will certainly refer people to you. —Jennifer Shaughnessy — 5 star

Dr. Toolan is very friendly, and treats my dog like on of her own. When my dog, 10, first came in she was limping after long runs. With the first acupuncture session, she had lots more energy. After one more session, she was able to run without a problem! We have a younger dog that can continue to run, bike and ski with us! Thank you, Dr. Toolan! —N. Linder

Dr. Reeve and her staff are the best! So caring and loving to all animals. My whole family goes there and we wouldn't go anywhere else. Ten STARS! —Corrine Terry Cassavaugh — 5 star

I am so grateful for the skills Dr. Toolan has to offer in her practice. My dachshund hurt her back and her hind quarters were paralyzed for a couple of months. After swelling went down and she began to clumsily walk again, Tootsie was referred for acupuncture treatment. Dr. Toolan carefully and thoughtfully assessed Tootsie's condition taking the most thorough history and physical you could ever want. She explained everything about her treatment plan. The herbal supplements she prescribed proved to be an important compliment to the acupuncture treatment. Dr. Toolan's skilled treatment approach significantly improved Tootsie's walking, her pain and hump in her back. During treatments, Tootsie was so relaxed and Dr. Toolan was always reassuring and comforting to both Tootsie and I. This veterinarian is an extremely talented, intuitive caregiver. —G. Zelinske

My family...and especially our dog...love the practice and the staff. We are always treated well and the pup gets first class care! —Eric Borrin — 5 star